You are a pre-K teacher at a small public school

You are a pre-K teacher at a small public school. One of your students, a boy named Timothy, is usually a compliant student but lately has become disruptive. He also has started pushing other students and taking items from them. His classmates are beginning to avoid him, which seems to make him angrier and more aggressive. Concerned, you call Timothy’s home to discuss the situation with his parents. Timothy’s mother proposes that it might be best for her to come to school for a parent-teacher conference. Using NCFELD, Emotional and Social Development (ESD) as a guide develop some strategies that you will discuss with her at the upcoming meeting. 

Focus Assignment

Create an agenda to discuss Timothy’s behavior. Include talking points (one paragraph for each) on:

  •  (1) the red flags that may indicate antisocial behavior manifesting early in childhood,
  •  (2) possible causes of Timothy’s recent problematic behavior, and 
  • (3) suggestions to support Timothy’s social development at home and at school 
    • using NCFELD-Emotional and Social Development (ESD strategies). 
    • Along with NCFELD, you may also want to visit Tuckers NC Nest for strategies on supporting the development of healthy social behaviors for Timothy. 

Self Reflection: 50 points

1. For each talking point on your agenda, explain how this talking point addresses the issues in the scenario 

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