Reaction Paper: Everything You Should Know About Writing One

Every semester, your lecturer will get you to write about a reaction paper after watching a film or reading a book. In such instances, your lecturer expects a summary of the work and a detailed reaction of how you felt after reading or watching a film. This type of an essay should not be hard, considering that the instructor is looking forward to seeing if you understand the information at hand. However, you should be in a position of providing a personal opinion that in most cases elicits all types of feelings depending on what you are reading or watching.

A reaction paper is best described as a response to particular things from a novel to a film. Before writing a reaction paper, it is best to go through the materials under investigation so that you can gather critical information. The key to writing a perfect reaction paper is providing supporting information so that the professor is satisfied reading your work.

Find out a few points to consider when writing a reaction paper:

  • Ensure you write effectively by including the following elements:
  1. You should provide enough support and pinpoint specific examples from the movie or the book.
  2. Clear and coherent sentences
  3. Error-free statements
  • Keep your materials organized. The basic plan of writing a reaction paper involves a one-paragraph summary, two paragraphs of your reaction, and a conclusion. The conclusions should be brief by restating your thesis then concluding the main ideas.
  • Sometimes using quotes works well. That is because they help in emphasizing the keys ideas; however, you should not rely on using the quotes heavily. However, it is always recommended that one paraphrases the critical points so that you can easily have original ideas.
  • Work towards talking about a single idea in one paragraph. You should develop each paragraph by expressing all the details.
  • Use the correct statements such as “I agree with this because, or I do not agree with this notion because” of a particular reason. It is the type of reaction that the professor wants to see in your work.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Avoid only analyzing the paper and work towards using your words as much as possible.
  • Avoid always agreeing with the author since it is okay to give a conflicting opinion.
  • Although it is essential to support your work, only include opinions that are reliable and make sense instead of randomly putting ideas that do not make sense.

The best method to advance your skills and understand how to write a reaction paper is by checking out different samples. As you go through the samples, pay attention to the common mistakes that students make and figure out the right ways to correct them. Many samples are found in magazines, journals, and websites, so look for different samples based on the topic. However, in case you need a unique paper, we are the ideal academic writing company to select. We provide our clients with high-quality reaction paper that will motivate you to get more academic services from us.