Plagiarism Free Guarantee

Plagiarism is treated as a serious act of academic dishonesty by all institutions of learning across the world. Heavy traces of plagiarism in an academic essay could cost a student his or her grades or even the entire academic career in some cases. Professors are usually strict with plagiarism and easily give a fail grade to students when found.

For this reason, our company equally treats plagiarism as a serious offence and does not condone it from the writers. It is the company’s requirement that all papers are written from scratch. We have an additional measure that involves passing the products through a plagiarism-detecting software to ensure that they are free from plagiarism.

You can be sure that the product you receive from LegitEssayWriters is 100% original. Please note that you will not be charged any extra cost for writing your paper from scratch. However, if you need a plagiarism report send together with your paper, you will be required to incur an extra cost of $10. The report will be in form of a pdf document showing the originality score of your paper and can be used to proof that your paper is plagiarism free.

It is important to note that our Plagiarism-Free Guarantee does not apply to orders for proofreading and editing. We assume that when the customer’s order lies in these two categories, he/she only wants us to rectify what they have already written. Such orders will have the originality score restricted to the parts where changes will be made and not the entire paper.