Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Samples

Essay Example 1

My philosophy in nursing encompasses the beliefs and values defining my nursing practice. In adhering to beliefs and values, my capacity to perform and attain best practices in healthcare is achieved. The essence of nursing philosophy is to develop a framework outlining my duties and how they relate to the healthcare goals in my institution. Regarding the interactive factors in healthcare, developing my philosophy is essential in providing care, learning skills, and understanding the various dimensions of healthcare. Looking at the multiple dimensions in nursing, creating a personal philosophy is necessary for achieving healthcare goals.

The core of my personal goal in nursing builds on the meta-paradigm approach of nursing.  A meta-paradigm approach in nursing outlines four major concepts I consider fundamental for effective service delivery.  Four aspects of the meta-paradigm comprise person, environment, nursing, and health (Carvajal Hermida & Sánchez-Herrera, 2018). My support and emphasis of the meta-paradigm rely on the human caring theory that prioritizes care within the nursing profession. Care constitutes a fundamental concept in nursing since without care, there exists no nursing (Carvajal Hermida & Sánchez-Herrera, 2018). Comparably, care is a relationship that should exist for nursing to exist. In executing my responsibilities, I regard care as an essential element for protecting human life. My ability to perform my nursing duties ought to embrace care due to its criticality in fulfilling the goals of my healthcare department and addressing the healthcare need of my patient.  Further, I consider care as my professional requirement outlining my roles of working with a patient to attain their optimum health and quality of life. Since care from a nursing perspective relates to the ability to address the needs of individuals, communities, and families, building knowledge that meets the needs and type of care required is essential in my execution of duties.

Comparably, care in nursing goes beyond attaining the patient’s optimum health and involves the participation of the patient and their caregivers during the treatment process. My understanding of person within the nursing paradigm enables me to focus on a person-centered approach that prioritizes patients’ opinions and respects their opinions. By valuing the relationship with my patient, I can easily communicate and interact with a patient respectively as I collaborate with them towards realizing their health outcomes. This collaborative stance with patients is instrumental, considering nursing happens in diverse environments and patients’ situations differ from one context (Taleghan et al., 2017). In allowing my patients to express the expectations, I have always evoked the concept of a person in human caring theory, where a person’s wholeness is expressed by the existence of mind, body, and soul. My understanding of these dimensions enables me to employ the ten Caritas Processes of healing. Arguably, achieving optimum patient care requires me to collaborate with healthcare management to ensure patient safety, patient rights, and evidence-based care that meets the patient healthcare needs.

Further, my nursing philosophy embraces the environment as an integral part of the care shown to a patient. Environment concerns the patient’s external and internal processes, influencing their healing process and interaction with the healthcare personnel. I build an external environment by showing love and empathy to my patients to enhance their healing process. The care I demonstrate to my patient is a show of love. Equally, building a relationship with my patient denotes an element of communion and empathizing with their situation (Domingo‐Osle & Domingo, 2020). Another crucial component of providing a friendly environment is appreciating patients’ healing process when offered appropriate support. I believe nursing transcends physical practice but being present for the patient, showing love, communicating, and giving a patient an opportunity for full expression without entrenching their rights.

In summary, I assert greater importance in the metaparadigm of nursing. Since prioritizing human life remains my supreme goal, giving patients befitting care becomes a pillar for my effectiveness. In addition, I consider relationships crucial in championing the patient-nurse relationship that encourages interaction, collaboration, and communication. Lastly, my nursing practice is more than a physical assignment, but a call enabling me to operate anywhere in a healthcare setting.


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Essay Example 2


My philosophy of nursing involves having an understanding of patients’ needs and situations. To me, nursing is vital because it involves caring for patients comprehensively. I achieve this by using my knowledge and treating each patient with the respect, care, and dignity they deserve.  Patients come in different races, ages, genders, values, and beliefs. As a nurse accepting and understanding our patients’ differences helps us build a strong relationship with them. Nurses also fill in several essential roles in the community by promoting the knowledge needed for a healthy lifestyle.

My contribution to society has taught me compassion made me get a deeper insight into people’s physical, emotional and scientific levels. Moreover, when practicing nursing, human dignity, integrity, and social justice are core values for the profession. Since nursing is a profession concerned with every factor that affects the patient’s environment, skilled nurses should exhibit care and kindness to their patients at all times. However, sometimes nurses can be too harsh with themselves when things don’t go as planned. Nurses should instead learn from their experiences to get better at what they do. The goal of this paper is to discuss my nursing philosophy. It will include what guided my beliefs and my contribution to society.


I play many roles in my life; being an adult, daughter, niece, volunteer, and nursing student. These interrelated roles have taught me values, traits, and skills that have shaped my perception of nursing. The people I interact with come in different ages and genders with different values and beliefs. Understanding and accepting these traits have enabled me to have a great relationship with people. Just like the interrelated roles that make me the person I am, student nurses need to prioritize these values to build a strong relationship with the patients and provide the best care for every situation depending on what the patient needs. I aim to provide proper care to all patients. I intend to do this regardless of the patient’s race, social status, religion, race, or lifestyle choices.

        I aspire to be a certified nurse after completing my course. I believe that it was born in me to help people get better health-wise. That is the reason I chose nursing as my vocation. My nursing education is improved daily. My philosophy as a nurse is to provide safe and patient-centered care. For this, I believe that patients should not have to face reference with the illness they have. Patients are people who deserve individualized premium care. They need education about their ailments, treatments, and ways of life. Doing this has the potential of speeding up the healing process. As a nurse, I will use my experiences to educate the community on living a healthy lifestyle.


I aim to do what is helpful to my patients as I get into nursing practice. I plan to build a relationship full of care and trust with my patients and play a paramount role in their wellbeing. I will always do my best. In the event something goes out of the plan, I will investigate and learn from the experience. As I recommence my work, I believe that I am a better student nurse today than yesterday.

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