Money Back Warranties

Money Back Warranties

Any funds deposited to your account can be refunded to the customer, wholly or partially, under the following specific circumstances.

Order Cancellation:

The customer is free to cancel his/her order at any time they so wish. However, the following rules will be applied when it comes to compensating an order cancelled by the customer.

  • If the customer cancels an order before a writer gets assigned, he/she can claim full compensation of the amount deposited. In this case, the funds will be deposited back to the customer’s account either on the website or bank based on their preference.

  • If the customer cancels an order which has already been assigned to a writer, he/she is entitled to a full compensation of the amount deposited. However, in this case, the funds can only be refunded back to the client’s account balance at and not in the bank.

Late Delivery:

The customer has the right to claim partial refund if there is any delay in the delivery of the order. In this case, the amount refundable will be calculated based on the Time Delivery Difference, which is the difference between the initial deadline and the time the paper was delivered.

If the delay in delivery compensation will be invalid in the following circumstances.

  • If the delay is directly caused by the customer. Failure to provide the necessary materials to complete the paper on time, late payments, or late reply of crucial information.
  • Failure to receive the product on time due to issues at the customers end. Internet downtime, browser issues, or any system failure.

Quality Issues:

  • Partial or full compensation can be given to the customer if he/she feels unsatisfied with the paper. The customer must provide proof of low quality indicating specific areas that do not meet the standards. The Quality Assurance Department (QAD) will undertake thorough investigations to verify whether the customer’s claims are valid. The QAD will produce three outcomes for such a case.
    • No compensation if the customers claims are not substantiated.
    • Partial compensation in line with the percentage of mistakes in the paper.
    • Full compensation in case of very low quality
  • If the customer submits the paper without checking and gets a bad grade, no compensation will be given. It is the responsibility of the customer to crosscheck the product and claim a refund before submitting the paper for grading.
  • Full compensation will be given if the paper is heavily plagiarized. If the customer claims there is plagiarism in the paper, he/she should provide a Turnitin report to prove it. No other reports are accepted.

Refund Processing:

Once the customer’s refund claims are deemed valid, the company will process the request within 5 business days. The company will not be held responsible for your Bank Transfer fee, transfer issues, or any other delay due to Bank service issues.

  • Please note that Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee:

The customer can claim a full refund of the money deposited to within 30 days if the company fails to deliver the paper within the specified timeline.