Composing A Great 300 Word Essay (With Examples)

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Writing an excellent essay may turn out to be tough and complicated when you are required to cover a particular topic in a relatively short paper of about 300 words. The reason is that there could be too much information out there to help you write such a paper, yet you don’t need to use all of it. Therefore, there is a need to carefully scrutinize the requirements of the paper and ensure that you focus on the most critical points that will earn you high marks. It is a common practice for professors to assign students 300-word essays at any point during college studies. In most cases, short essays primarily work to gauge students’ understanding and mastery of the topic as well as their academic writing skills. So, if you have not yet written one, it is likely that you will do so sooner or later.

A 300-word essay only takes a single page. This low word count will probably make it seem like a small space to write down all your ideas, especially when dealing with complex topics or an opinion. But it is not! If you organize your thoughts well, it will be easy to pen down this short essay following the standard structure of essay writing that includes introduction, body, and conclusion.


Important things to consider when writing a 300-word essay

Most students notably find short essays challenging because of the limitation of words on one hand and the abundance of ideas on the other. Therefore, I have come up with an easy way to narrow down your ideas and compose a high-quality paper that accommodates all your critical ideas while still maintaining a low word count. After reading this guide, be sure you can confidently crack that 300-word essay without feeling challenged.

Select your topic wisely 

Ideally, your professor will present to you one of these two scenarios when asking for an essay from you. The first is that a premeditated topic will be provided for you to write an essay about. Here, there is no much you can do about topic selection and you will be forced to move to the next step of this guide. The second is that topic selection can be left open so that you choose it by yourself. This gives you freedom. Make sure to select a topic that will not give you hard time in the process of writing. You will need to choose the topic that suits you well in terms of the interest you have in it and ideas you can generate from it.

Also, ensure you are writing about a topic whose information is readily available. With that in mind, it becomes easy to get the facts right and smoothen the flow of ideas. One of the greatest mistakes most students make is becoming too specific about the topic in the early stages. That said, you should brainstorm several topics and access general information about them before narrowing them down to one.

A key takeaway here is that you should pick a topic that you relate to closely and can present ideas coherently.

Familiarize with the topic

Familiarizing yourself with the topic involves taking a deeper look into the topic and being specific. Conduct a random internet search. If possible, check your textbooks to find out more about the topic. Then, again, read the prompt and the instructions so that you understand what is needed to avoid confusion once you start writing.

Conduct a research

The researching part is one of the most critical stages of writing a 300-word essay. You have a chance to brainstorm, free write and journal a few things that you come across regarding the topic. However, most people fail because they use unreliable internet resources during the research. While researching, use peer-reviewed articles especially for your academic work to get a good grade. Take notes and copy some of the links to the reliable sources you come across, as it makes it easy to find the information when you are ready to write the essay. Gather enough information to convince the lecturer that your essay deserves the best grading.

The following information should be noted to help authenticate and strengthen your essay. Note that you must cite such information in your paper:

  • Statistics
  • Quotes
  • Another author’s theories.

Plan your essay

Writing a short or long essay requires organization. It is more important when writing a 300-word essay because you are expected to touch on many things in that small space. You have to pay attention to the format by getting a draft first and pick up all the significant points. It reduces the fluff in the essay and makes the work neat. Some of the best ways to plan the essay are:

  • Create a structure that covers everything and meets the word limit.
  • Study the essay question once again and see if the topic suits the requirements.
  • Brainstorm the thesis statement. 

Write an outline

Having a short research plan for your 300-word essay will save you time while maintaining a smooth flow of your work. Writing an outline is the ideal way to avoid skipping vital ideas for your essay. It is highly inadvisable to write an essay without providing an outline at first. So why do you need an essay outline?

  • An easy way to organize your thoughts since during research, you will come across a lot of information that is hard to remember easily. 
  • There will be nothing missing once you write the essay.
  • It is easy to get the information flow and be in a position to scrutinize the information you are writing perfectly.

All the college essays have the same structure, including an introduction, body(s), and conclusion. To keep the key parts of an essay, outlining them is the best way to ensure your essay looks perfect. Your outline does not have to include perfect complete sentences but ensures the ideas are clear and the essay flows.

Here are ways to outline your 300-word essay:

  • Read the assignment: you should understand the type of essay you are about to write.
  • Respond to the question: your thesis is determined by the type of essay you are writing. Therefore, in your outline, state what your essay is meant to do by answering the question, “what’s the role of the essay?” 
  • State the thesis: The only way to know what will be in your topic sentences is by stating your thesis in the outline. It helps the lecturers know what will be in the body and what to expect in the topic sentences before concluding the essay.
  • You should choose to structure your essay in an alphanumeric or decimal format based on what works well for you.  

Write the essay

Introduce the topic and state your thesis statement in about 50-60 words. Your sentences should be valid and precise, and this is the part where following the outline is essential. It helps you to avoid fluff. Your body should contain two paragraphs each with about 200 words. The conclusion should summarize the paper contents in about 50-60 words. That gives your essay some balance and ensures all the information in the outline is covered in the essay. 

Format the essay

Essays follow a particular pattern based on what your school prefers. In most cases, you will be required to use APA or MLA format. However, there are other formats like Chicago and Harvard. Therefore, if you are not sure about the formatting style, get in touch with the lecturer. 

Proofread your paper

Proofreading is a critical step to take after writing your paper. It helps remove grammatical mistakes and ensure the structure is perfect. There are a few tips to have in mind while proofreading your work:

  • Use software before proofreading, something like Grammarly. It helps fix the mistakes you might not notice at a glance.
  • Read your essay out aloud.
  • Look at the punctuation.
  • Remove all the unnecessary words from the essay.

A 300 Word Essay Sample Paper

Why the Rich Should be taxed more

The wealth accrued by the world’s top 8 richest people is equivalent to the fortunes of half the world’s poorest people (Elliott, 2017). This statistic point to clear evidence of the incredibly high level of wealth inequality that exists in the world. Hence, higher taxes on rich people can help improve the economy.

A few top richest individuals possess wealth that can change the wellbeing of a country. In this sense, the greater percentage of national wealth tends to be in the hands of few families who continue to grow richer leaving the poor with nothing to build on. Making the rich pay more taxes would allow them to share their massive wealth in ways that would improve the general welfare of the poor. For example, taxes generated from rich individuals alone can be directed on projects aimed at improving the healthcare and education infrastructure with great success (Karlsson et al., 2010).

Having a high economic inequality leads to an unstable economy. The reason is that the wealthy consume only a tiny proportion of their income while the poor consume nearly all of their income (McGee, Yoon, & Liu, 2019). The excess money that remains unused by the rich would otherwise be available for the poor to use. As the rich continue to keep and the poor continue to lack money, the aggregate demand reduces, and in turn, unemployment increases. Therefore, taxing rich people more will help reduce economic inequality and further stabilize the economy.

In summary, taxing the rich people more can generally raise the overall living standards of a country. The wealthy possess excess money that can otherwise help those struggling with poverty to overcome it. Despite opponents looking at increased taxes on the rich as unfair, it remains a sensible option of reducing inequality in the society and stabilizing the economy.


Elliott, L. (2017). World’s eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50%. The Guardian16, 103-31.

Karlsson, M., Nilsson, T., Lyttkens, C. H., & Leeson, G. (2010). Income inequality and health: Importance of a cross-country perspective. Social science & medicine70(6), 875-885.

McGee, R. W., Yoon, Y., & Liu, Z. (2019). Should governments tax the rich and subsidize the poor? An empirical study of German opinion. Journal of Accounting, Ethics and Public Policy20(2), 201-223.

Final thoughts

Writing a 300-word article is one of the easiest things you can do. It does not take too much time, and with proper planning and research, you have a chance of getting a high grade. Your lecturer wants to see the best in your writing essay. If you are still struggling with your essay, we can offer you the assistance you badly need. We have a team equipped with skills and over ten years of experience in the academic world who can help. Just place your order and relax.