Find Out the Best Ways on How to Write an Article Critique

Writing an article critique means that the student is expected to read and research a particular article. That is why students need to invest time in getting it right by knowing the best methods to reflect on their reflection’s validity or effectiveness. Although it might include a summary, then focus on evaluation and analysis of the article. The points presented should be well-articulated and criticized for one to get excellent grades.

Before students start writing an article critique, they should understand the main ideas and look at them with a critical eye. This guide will help you realize the easy ways of writing such pieces and know how an article critique is divided. Although this type of assignment is always challenging, you can easily apply our points anytime you have this task at hand.

Parts of A Critique Article

An introduction: It contains an introductory statement, the article’s title and the author’s name. There should also be the author’s main points and your thesis statement in this paragraph.

The summary: It should have the main points of the article, findings, and the arguments presented.

Critique: Once you are done summarizing the article, it should be the right time to discuss the strengths and weaknesses noted while reading the article. State the opinions in this section and use examples from the article to support your arguments.

Conclusion: The conclusion involves summarizing the key points in the article and end your article argument by stating the significance of the research. It is also possible to end your article critique by stating what might be needed during future research.

3 Ways to Write an Article Critique

Reading the Piece

You have to read the article and understand what the main points are. Reading the piece more than once means that you have a better understanding of the article, and it is the best way to answer these questions:

Why is the author seen as an expert in that field?

Find out the things that make the author’s points seem valid. Also, figure out if the person uses professional language and whether they are knowledgeable about the topic.

Are the arguments valid?

See if the author uses the right language, and if the arguments presented are viable. The sources should be from a legitimate place to show that the author understands the topic well.

Get the Proof

Understanding the article and reflecting on it makes it easy to get the proof needed for the article. The main points to look at in this section is; looking at how the author has interpreted other texts and evaluating its language.

Work on The Paper

Your critique paper must be formatted and structured in the right way. Ensure it has all parts inclusive of an introduction, discussion and conclusion. However, if you feel that you do not have enough time to work on such a paper, it is always recommended to hire professionals. We have the best team willing to put in time and effort as an assurance that you will get a high-quality article critique.






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