Annotated Bibliography Writing

Have you been told to write an annotated bibliography and have no idea where to start? Perhaps the first thing should understand what annotated bibliography is. It refers to a list of journals, books, and other documents needed for a particular job. It also summarizes what each article entails and ensures that the reader can quickly evaluate any source.

Based on your assignment, an annotated bibliography is usually the first step to starting your research work. In most cases, it is always an assignment linked to a large research project or a small one deepening on the course. Like the regular bibliography, you should ensure that your annotated bibliography is written in alphabetical order.

Are you having a hard time writing annotated bibliography? Here are a couple of tips that perfectly work for our team.

  • Selecting ideal sources: Your bibliography’s quality is based on the type of sources you search for, so pick wisely. It should be sources with the right information and thoroughly help you argue out the main points. Some of the questions to assist you in choosing ideal choices include:
  1. What problem are you researching about and why is it important?
  2. What type of materials do you need for the job? Is it books, government sources, or journals?
  • Summarize your sources: You should always restate the arguments presented in the source. The best annotated bibliography should identify the thesis statement, research questions, and hypothesis.
  • Assess your sources: Your paper should entail briefly assessing the value of the references you are about to use. For instance, when working on independent research, these questions would be useful in picking a valuable source.
  1. Do you love the way your source frames their research questions?
  2. Does the source have enough evidence to prove their argument?
  3. Is the theoretical framework and concepts from your source reliable?
  • Find the information from the right places: Figure out what the author’s qualifications are perfect and that other peers have reviewed their articles.
  • Cite your work correctly: It is essential to follow the right citation method, whether APA, MLA, or any other method your instructor wants you to follow. If the instructions are not clear, ask your instructor to clarify the style to use.

So why should you learn how to write annotated bibliography anyway?

I am sure by now you are wondering if it is worth it to write an annotated bibliography. Yes, it is! I will give you at least three reasons on the benefits of writing one:

  • It helps you become good at researching: The only way one can be a researcher is to know the right ways and how to get the best sources. When doing your assignment, it will be easy to identify reliable sources and those that are not worth investing your time in for the assignment.
  • It saves you time: Writing annotated bibliography saves you time when writing your paper.
  • It is an assignment that you want to do well.

In case this seems a bit tricky for you to master, be sure to get in touch with our team any day.