20 Impressive Observation Essay Topics for Any Student in 2021 + Detailed Guideline and Examples to Help Write an Effective Paper

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What is an Observation Essay?

An observation essay is not only about what you see but also a type of narrative writing that provides more details about what you are observing. You need to give the readers more information to answer the “so what” question. Therefore, an observation essay is an essay composed by a person. The writer is expected to write in first person pronoun to ensure that they present all the events perfectly. The aim is to find a perfect idea and make it enjoyable. That way, a person will read your essay to the end.

Purpose of Observation Essay

An observation essay is meant to give the readers a clear image of what the person is describing. That is why a person is expected to take images to remain with the fresh images in mind. Therefore, these essays are meant to offer vivid descriptions so that the reader, without leaving any questions in mind. If well written, the reader will not have any pending questions considering that the ideas will be perfect and well presented in the essay.

What You Need to Know

Some things make your observation essay unique which is what you should know from the start. That includes:

Starting the essay with a  few short sentence: It means that you get to your essay without going around without presenting the ideas.

State a unique fact or pose a question: Things keep getting better if you know the best ways to get the readers’ attention. There is nothing that does get at the reader’s attention more than an interesting fact or a question. Ensure that the target audience relates to the exciting fact.

Use the past to present the present: Yes, you read it right! It can be a relishing form of bong the past into the present using the right words. It means that you talk about the past present as if it is happening at the moment. You will have the lecturers hooked onto your work to the end.

Best Tips on How to Write an Observation Essay

Observation essays should have a personal touch to attract the readers and help you create coherent ideas. An individual’s ability to write a perfect observation essay makes the difference between a true wizard of words and a writer. Therefore, to make your essay is exceptional, it is crucial to utilize all your senses. That includes a sense of; smell, touch, hearing, taste, and sight. Writing an academic observation essay should be as exciting and straightforward as drawing a beautiful picture; therefore, ensure your ideas are organized in a draft before you start writing.

Basic Outline of a Great Observation Paper


An introduction gives you a chance to let the readers understand what to expect. Create a hook that will entice the readers or your lectures to continue reading your work. This section, sharing the background information about the specific observation essay topic, helps the readers know why you selected a given topic. A thesis statement should help you start the essay’s fundamentals and create something that catches their attention. Remember to provide an insight into why you selected a particular topic.

Here is an example:

I love nature. I take time when possible, to visit different places and try different experiences. Truly, the experience I had during last year’s summer was one of the most incredible and worthwhile. Although I spend most summer holidays at home doing nothing, the day I went out proved to be the best. Being my first time visit to this site, I was willing to take pictures and help create lasting memories.

Body Paragraphs

The majority of lecturers recommend that it is written like articles or reports. Therefore, there should be a couple of detailed paragraphs with supporting arguments. The sections should include the information in your thesis statement so that the reader can predict what happens next. The right way to ensure your body paragraphs are full of information would be by following this format:

Stay specific: Use specific examples to build your ideas and give your readers something to narrow their focus on when reading the essay. It should specifically input the observation you introduced without deviating from the observation experience. Providing generalized information not only makes you lose marks but could also prevent the lecturers from going through the entire essay. These are some of the things that make students lose marks.

Keep referring to the thesis statement: The best support should primarily support your thesis statement. It should be an expansion of what was presented in that statement to provide relevant information.

Details: Stay as detailed as possible. Since it is an observation essay, there are lots of things you might have seen. Ensure that each experience is well-presented and vividly explained so that the lecturer understands what you saw. Since the body is where you develop the discussion, ensure nothing is left out of the essay. It helps enhance your point of view.

What does a good paragraph contain?

Body paragraphs need to have vital components, including topic sentences, supporting and concluding sentences.

Topic sentences: It is the sentence that prepares the audience for the ideas you will be discussing. In the observation essay scenario, giving a topic sentence for the first paragraph ensures that you introduce the concepts at ease.

Supporting sentences: the sentences make up the body paragraph to support your observation essay and offer a rich experience of what you saw. Here, you could use claims, statistics,  or your observation to back up your topic sentence. You should use this section to explain what you saw as it helps create scenarios in their heads such that one understands what you are describing.

Concluding sentences: These sentences allow you to sum up your ideas in each paragraph so that you can introduce a new concept into the next one. The sentence helps you to conclude a particular thought before and thoroughly sums up the information presented in the paragraph.

Here is an example:

Even though the place was abandoned, the surrounding was one of the most fascinating views I had ever seen in my lifetime. The tower stood in an elevated ground with a steep slope that descended to an open uninhabited land. Across the tower, a heartwarming scenery caught my eyes. The sky was clear giving a splendid view of the plain as the sun cast shadows of trees on the green cover ground surface. Towards the horizon, a mountain was protruding with clouds hanging around the peak. To the left of the mountain was a pond filled with water. As the wind blew, small ripples would form and dance across the top of the pond, glistening in the sunlight. While standing there, I could hear the whizzing sound of the wind as it rushed through my ears. The breeze was cold and satisfying given that the scorching sun was making everything around hot. Everything seemed heavenly in this abandoned land.

As I strolled towards the now disintegrating tower, I recalled being told how elegant the place looked many years ago. Looking at it now, it appeared to be nothing short of damaged blocks sketchily stacked on top of one another to form a fortification. On the gravel path leading to the tower, patches of grass could be seen growing and spreading to cover the once fully plain gravel footpath. In fact, a chill ran down my spine as I moved closer to the ruins because I feared it would come down crumbling on me. However, I gathered courage having been told that the remains were a few centuries old. Indeed, they had stood the test of time.

The inside was empty except for the dust that had accumulated over the years from the disintegrating blocks. Noticing that any sound made inside the empty hall produced an echo, I repeatedly clapped my hands and enjoyed the loud reflected sound. The sun penetrated through the holes on the walls bringing mild light inside. Getting out of the building, there was no one in sight. As I walked back to my car, a steady, cool breeze crawled up my backside and played in my hair. The smell of thornapple shrubs consumes my nose. Suddenly, my emotions flood up my throat and out of my eyes as I think of how wonderful this place was at its prime given that it looks this amazing with the ruins. I can’t help but think of all the great things about his place.


Your last paragraph should be precise and to the point. It should be a summary of what you have discussed in your body paragraphs. Ensure there are powerful impressions left on the readers’ minds to think about your observation constantly. When writing the essay for your academic work, ensure the lecturer will enjoy reading this section.  Below is an example to show you the best way to conclude your work.

Here is an example

As I make it back to my car, it dawned on me that memories of this place will stick with me forever. I always enjoy vast sceneries of nature and the place was a perfect description of it. Additionally, the ambiance of the surrounding made it so appealing. A cold breeze blowing across the air brought out the best feeling in the hot weather. The scenery was eye-catching both in and out of the building. Memories of this place continue to give me goosebumps to this day.


After the conclusion, proofread your work and check the grammar to ensure the ideas are all well-presented. If you are not confident about your editing abilities, hiring professional editors could help polish your work. That way, it becomes easier to score a higher mark in your final grade.

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